Virtual Piazza – look to the future



The virtual piazza has been a success beyond our wildest imagination, but it is time to look to the future.  We have some ideas about how to evolve, but in order to do so, we will be closing down this blog for a while.

Looking back on the years that the blog has been active, we realize that, together with our more than 40 contributors, we have contributed in a very real and vibrant way by sharing the beauty of the Italian culture with our international audience across more than 20 countries.

Has the blog helped you?  Send us your comments.

What stands out most is the incredible variety of informed opinions and lovely impressions of Italy that came together on at our meeting place, our piazza.  The connections made via our online meeting place have helped educate the world about the quality and tradition of Made in Italy with articles on a variety of topics from travel to design, the arts, food, and the Italian community, both at home and abroad. The blog formed a virtual bridge across the gaps of space and time and helped coalesce the Italian culture online.

There have been so many lovely images shared on our blog, but here is a recent photo by Irene Kung that captures the essence of Italy:

Piazza del Quirinale, Rome, 2017 - © copyright Irene Kung

Piazza del Quirinale, Rome, 2017 – © copyright Irene Kung

Image courtesy of Lorenzo Perego Visioni Italiane

Image courtesy of @ Lorenzo Perego Visioni Italiane


We want to thank the readers of the blog who have contributed so much to this experiment.   Hand in hand with that we wish to thank the many contributors to the MadeinItalymall blog.

Apprezziamo molto la risposta positiva del nostro pubblico sulle diverse prospettive che esponiamo sul nostro blog riguardanti l’Italia. Vorremo ringraziare i nostri contributori per la vostra graditissima collaborazione.

Ci sentiamo presto!  We’ll be in touch…


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