Portland Opera Vino e Voce features Monteverdi

Courtesy Portland Opera

The Portland Opera just introduced an innovative event entitled Vino e Voce. The concept features the performance of operatic works in a more intimate setting with a casual atmosphere that features a wine sampler. For the debut event, they presented a fully staged Songs of Love and War by Claudio Monteverdi at their Hampton Opera Center, recently named Gregory K. and Mary Chomenko Hinckley Studio Theater.

“For this production, I’ve selected madrigals from Books 7, 8 and 9,” says General Director Christopher Mattaliano, who directed the production. “The poetry in these songs is surprisingly “modern” in viewpoint, covering a wide range of emotion and content: courtship and seduction, sensual attraction, unrequited love, sexual passion, betrayal, lovers at war, and the tension between chastity and sensual pleasure”.

Christopher Mattaliano personally chose the music of Monteverdi to integrate into this new concept, and especially the madrigals as they truly lend themselves to a modern treatment. It seems counter-intuitive that music from the 17th century would maintain such relevance in a contemporary setting.

Read more about the event and Monteverdi: http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_58ace538e4b0d818c4f0a36c

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