Botticelli, Inferno: A New Film Unveils the Missing Link

Article and photo from L’Italo Americano: With Botticelli’s Map of Hell, the painter created a whole new form of artistic expression, a visual continuum that was well ahead of its time and which may be considered a distant ancestor of the modern comic strip

Even though Dante Alighieri lived more than a century and a half before the Renaissance master Sandro Botticelli, the two of them seem to be linked by some kind of mysterious connection. The famed painter of such masterpieces as The Birth of Venus and the Allegory of Spring, for example, was so fascinated by the figure of Dante that in 1495 he decided to realize a portrait of him which still remains among the most frequent visual representations of the Sommo Poeta. But what is more, Botticelli was always and rightfully captivated, in particular, by the Divine Comedy, to the extent that he even carried out a long series of drawings illustrating the Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso as described by Dante. A brand new documentary film by Ralph Loop, titled Botticelli. Inferno, sets out to investigate the missing link between these two geniuses by following the painter’s tracks through Florence, the Vatican, and the rest of Europe. Let’s take a closer look at the story behind it!

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Read the complete article by simone sannio | Jan 16, 2017 published by L’Italo Americano:

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