Retrospective of 2016 – ‘virtual piazza’ alive and well


First and foremost we want to thank the readers of the blog who keep it alive. Hand in hand with that we wish to thank the many contributors to the MadeinItalymall blog.

Apprezziamo molto la risposta positiva del nostro pubblico sulle diverse prospettive che esponiamo sul nostro blog riguardanti l’Italia. Nel ringraziare i nostri lettori, porgiamo a tutti tanti auguri di un nuovo anno pieno di gioia, fortuna e felicità.

This past year we continued to receive contributions that come from a variety of sources including regular contributors, comments from readers, as well as one-time articles on topics of particular interest.

When we first conceived the ‘virtual piazza’, we envisioned exactly what we have now: a place to find informative, informed, and interesting articles about Italy and Italian culture.

While all of the topics on our blog have expanded, those that grew most this past year were the arts, food, and travel. We are always looking for articles from people who are passionate about Italy whether it be about Italian food, travel, fashion, music, film, or any other topic.

We would also love to hear from our readers. You can submit your anonymous comments about our blog by simply adding your comment to this article! Here is the link to contribute an article:

Buon anno! Happy New Year!

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