Finding the Christmas spirit in markets around Italy

Article about Christmas from Italo Americano. Christmas market in Bolzano with lights and decorations— Photo by AntonioGravante

Christmas time. Children love it: as the days go by and the 25th approaches they can hardly wait to see what Santa is going to leave underneath the tree. Most adults, whether they like to admit it or not, are also fascinated by Christmas time: lights are shining bright, decorations make every town look prettier, and one can indulge in hot mulled wine or one too many cookies without feeling overly guilty.

All over Italy, in big cities and small villages alike, the month of December is packed with Christmas events that range from religious processions and live nativity scenes to concerts and meetings with Santa Claus: there is something for everyone, so all one has to do is take their pick. Or not. Actually there is one place where everyone and everything sort of comes together, and that place is the traditional mercatino di Natale, the Christmas market.

Read complete article by Chiara Assi | Dec 01, 2016 published by L’italo Americano:

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