Umbria Jazz Concert Musica e(È) Solidarietà in Assisi

Image courtesy Umbria Jazz ©

A series of concerts called Musica e (È) Solidarietà ( a clever play on words “Music is solidarity” and “Music and Solidarity”) will be presented in Assisi by Umbria Jazz 2016 in late September and early October.

Umbria Jazz appealed to the Italian Jazz community to create a tribute of solidarity for the people affected by the earthquake in central Italy on August 24th.

And musicians, the same ones who for years have come the stages of the festival and who have left so many wonderful memories, responded enthusiastically. Phone calls and email to express solidarity also came from the United States and even from Tokyo Blue Note, where Umbria Jazz will soon present the quartet of Fabrizio Bosso as part of the celebrations of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Italy and Japan.

At first, the idea was to provide an evening of music to raise funds to be donated to the victims of the earthquake, but as soon as the rumor spread the reaction was overwhelming. So, a true festival was organized in conjunction with the Region and the Municipality of Assisi to form an event that is much grander than originally imagined. In addition to music there will be a get-together featuring typical products of the region.

The musicians will perform without compensation and the Lyrick Theatre in Assisi has been made available free of charge by the Municipality. Every effort has been made to ensure that the organizational costs of the events will be kept to a minimum.

For more information and tickets:

Translation to English of materials from Umbria Jazz by Lina de la Torre.

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