Assisi and Gubbio: Audio Postcard from Suzanne – All Classical Portland – music tour in Italy!

Photo of Assisi from wikimedia commons
Photo of Assisi from wikimedia commons

The music tour “La Musica Paradiso” by All Classical Portland continues…

The group accompanying All Classical Portland Program Director and On-Air Host Suzanne Nance went to Assisi and Gubbio as part of the itinerary of the twelve-day exploration of Italian culture.

Suzanne has created a third audio postcard to share with the listeners back home.

In that audio postcard she mentions the charming town of Assisi in the province of Perugia, home to the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi where the group heard the sounds of liturgical music. Then, they moved on to the ancient city of Gubbio, also in the Province of Perugia, where a local musician, Lorenzo serenaded the group with classic Italian songs like Volare and ‘O Sole Mio. Some members of the staff of All Classical Portland along with a member of the group who played piano also performed.

Next up: three operas in Verona at the Arena di Verona over the weekend…

For more details about the fabulous tour in Umbria, you can listen to Suzanne’s full report:

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