Panettone Siciliano Nero Sublime Won the 2016 Superior Taste Award

Article about Panettone and photo from L’Italo Americano Panettone Siciliano Nero Sublime made by Fiasconaro

The Panettone Siciliano Nero Sublime produced by the Fiasconaro Family won the 2016 Superior Taste Award, an annual non-competitive prize open to any food or drink product available on a retail basis. Producers have until the beginning of March to enter their products online via iTQi website. During March, iTQi jury members meet in Brussels. Foods are tested by a jury of chefs and drinks by sommeliers and beverage experts.

Products are blind tested solely on their own merit (not compared), with the focus on the intensity of gustatory pleasures and the sensory analysis methodology. Organoleptic criteria are scored (first impression, appearance, smell, texture, taste and aftertaste/retro-olfaction and commented on by each judge. Each product is classified in one of 340 categories and prepared as instructed by the producer.

The Sicilian Panettone won the three Golden Stars with a score of 90% and above: products are awarded as “Exceptional“: the Fiasconaro family started the business in 1953 when Mario Fiasconaro, Fausto, Martino and Nicola Fiasconaro father start working as an ice-cream dealer and pastry chef. At that time fridges didn’t exist. Ice cream were prepared with snow, which was stored to prepare ice creams.

Then arrived the first experience with pastry, cassatine, cannoli, “sfincioni” with ricotta cream and mountains of profiteroles, that soon become his real masterpiece.

Article by L’Italo Amerricano Staff published on June 3, 2016 by L’Italo Americano:

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