Mediterranean Diet Roundtable: More Than Food, It’s a Way of Life

The Mediterranean diet has long been one of the healthiest diets known to manArticle and photo about Mediterranean diet from L’Italo Americano

The Mediterranean diet has long been one of the healthiest diets known to man

The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR) landed in Los Angeles, for its second edition (Beverly Hills Library, April 20-21).

In 1975, the eminent American biologist, Ancel Keys and chemist Margaret Keys (his wife and collaborator), drew general attention to the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, particularly for the cardiovascular apparatus.

Today, a wide choir of voices, from the most disparate cultural and scientific backgrounds, “sing in tune” the thoroughly healthy advantages in our bodies and minds of, what should be called, “Mediterranean lifestyle.”

Let’s start with the opening remarks of Antonio Verde, Consul General of Italy in Los Angeles.

How does the Mediterranean Diet Roundtable (MDR) position itself, within the context of a wider safeguarding of “Made in Italy”?

Italy has always been very active in protecting our most important assets, including a culinary tradition that is renowned around the world, and rightly so. Also in recent years, a 2009 Italian law stated very clearly that solely products, totally made in Italy (design, production and packaging), are entitled to display the labels Made in Italy, 100% Made in Italy, as well as the National flag.

Read full article by Valerio Viale on l’Italo Americano on April 28, 2016:

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