“Made in Italy” alliance in Canada

Image courtesy Dottoressa Palma Caramia
Image about Made in Italy in Canada courtesy Dottoressa Palma Caramia

I recently interviewed Dottoressa Palma Caramia and she shared her vision of an alliance between Italy and Canada, centered on activities in the Niagara Peninsula region. Dr. Caramia grew up in Canada in an Italian family and clearly values her strong ties to Italy.

In true social media fashion, she reached out to us as part of her research on businesses aligned with the “Made in Italy” vision. She shared this short video clip taken during one of the events held in her region:

https://www.facebook.com/bellapaulinainitalia/videos/10205509451407690/ (in Italian)

As the President of the Italian-Canadian National Congress, she has had the opportunity over the past several years to be involved with the Italian Heritage Month event, which is celebrated every year around the month of June, locally in the Niagara Peninsula area as well as across Canada, and has now become an international event.

Every year at that event a full selection of new and upcoming artists are featured across a range of disciplines: musical artists, orchestras, composers, dancers Folklore, writers, along with professional guest speakers from a gamut of perspectives on "Made in Italy". There is a strong representation of “quality hand-made” Italian products, which are integral to the Italian culture.

Dr. Caramia has concentrated on building a professional team across the Niagara region and Italy with a wide range of credentials along with investors from a range of sources. The primary goal of this effort is perform extensive research to identify opportunities of interest of both countries and develop a business plan.

Image courtesy Dottoressa Palma Caramia

This first step of this alliance between Italy and Canada is known as "ITALIA CANADA….VILLAGGIO ARTIGIANO…" ("Italy Canada…Craftsman Village…”), which is a strategic combination of skills, traditions, and products. Dr. Caramia strongly believes this project has the potential to grow and continue to maintain the Italian culture, while creating opportunities for import-export enterprises.

For more information: italiaecanada

Lina de la Torre

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