Giornate FAI di Primavera (Spring Days) – 900 places open this weekend

Giornate FAI di Primavera - FAI Spring Days 2016

Giornate FAI di Primavera – FAI Spring Days 2016

Napoli, Biblioteca del Complesso dei Girolamini - Foto Metamorphosi

Napoli, Biblioteca del Complesso dei Girolamini – Foto Metamorphosi

FAI Press Release translated to English by Lina de la Torre

It is a weekend like no other. It is instantly recognizable: hundreds of thousands of people leave their homes and explore Italy, discovering new and unusual aspects of Italy, including the ability to learn about places that are not normally accessible to visit and hear stories that normally don’t get told. More than 8.5 million Italians who have participated in past years are well acquainted with the emotions that are felt only during the FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano (the “National Trust for Italy”) “Giornate FAI di Primavera” (FAI Spring Days) event. The 24th edition is scheduled for Saturday, March 19th and Sunday, March 20th, 2016.

Besides 900 unique places to visit for free in 380 locations across all regions of Italy, it is one of the most important events dedicated to cultural heritage, a great festival that takes place both interior and exterior of the people of Italy. Exterior are the places where we meet to “recognize” and live the joy of culture, all set in a serene atmosphere of sharing. Interior is where we witness the event with our stories and our curiosity that informs what we see.

Many things are not the same as usual during the two days of exceptional openings organized by the FAI: Italians do not get nervous while they are in the queue waiting to visit a place, rather they take the opportunity to meet each other and share experiences; it is not the adults that draw young people to the event, rather it is the young people, volunteers and trainees of Apprendisti Ciceroni, who lead the adults, accompanying them on visits and telling their stories. Many special places are transformed: from closed and invisible to open, from unknown to known. Some of the places are part of everyday life (railway stations, factories, ports) and they, too, are full of surprises.

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