Spotlight on: Trani, A Saintly Seaside Treasure

Photo and article about Trani by Victoria de Maio from
Photo and article about Trani in Puglia by Victoria de Maio from PostcardZfromVictoriaLet's Go to Italy Together!Like so many picturesque seaside towns in Puglia, Trani continues to be influenced by its proximity to the rugged Adriatic coastline. Puglia - Trani marina view

Included in the Puglia Imperiale, Trani is one of the cities where Emperor Frederick II spent his holidays. He constructed Trani Castle in the 13th century (his son was even married here) and the formidable Castel del Monte approximately 23 miles inland. From Castel del Monte he could peruse his kingdom and invaders approaching the port. Trani Castle endured numerous invasions and transformations over the centuries until, in 1998, it was restored for public use.

Trani Castle

Across the Piazza Manfredi is Cattedrale di San Nicola dedicated to San Nicola Pellegrino, Saint Nicholas the Pilgrim. Saint Nicholas was a poor Greek who died here in 1094 en route to a pilgrimage in Rome. Construction over the site of another 4th century church of the cathedral began in 1099, the year he was canonized by Urban II. Puglia Trani cathedralDeclared in 2002 by UNESCO as a “Monument Messenger of a Culture of Peace”, it is constructed from pale pink tuffa (limestone) quarried from local caves and which gives it a lovely, luminous quality. Built in Romanesque style, it is quite spectacular with 42 splendid transepts and 28 dramatic Greek marble columns.

Trani cathedral columns-Photo Victoria De MaioTrani cathedral-statue-Photo Victoria De Maio On display are the imposing 12th century bronze-clad bas-relief wooden doors recounting tales of the past.Puglia Trani cathedral doors-Photo Victoria De MaioPuglia Trani cathedral doors detailPhoto Victoria De Maio

Entering the lower floor there are remnants of 12th century frescoes and a richly decorated mosaic floor leading to the hall crypt where the relics of Saint Nicholas rest in an elegant silver shrine.Puglia Trani fresco-Photo Victoria De MaioPuglia Trani cathedral fresco 1-Photo Victoria De MaioPuglia Trani cathedral St. Nicholas-Photo Victoria De MaioPuglia Trani cathedral Relics-Photo Victoria De Maio

Leaving the Piazza, a pleasant stroll along the impressive sea walls will eventually lead you to a lovely harbor and marina. Fishermen are selling today’s catch and numerous bars and restaurants promise fresh fish on tonight’s menu.

Lingering seems like an excellent idea, don’t you agree? Puglia Trani marina fishermen-Photo Victoria De MaioPuglia Trani marina -Photo Victoria De Maio

(This article was originally published in Italian Notebook on November 20, 2014)
Article published on PostcardZfromVictoria:

Let's Go to Italy Together!

2 thoughts on “Spotlight on: Trani, A Saintly Seaside Treasure

  1. Been to Trani! Gorgeous place. Did you make it to the Castel del Monte? It was hard for us to get there via bus but we managed and it was worth it.

  2. Ciao! Grazie for your comment. Yes, we did make it to Castel del Monte and I wrote about that on my blog, too. We actually hired a local driver from Polignano a Mare – there were 4 of us – and had a wonderful day trip to Trani and the Castel. On another day we visited the Grotto…
    Love Puglia and go twice a year with small groups…Look forward to saying in touch!

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