What does moda mean – thoughts on Italian fashion

matteo moda

When I received the link to a light-hearted, yet informative article about Italian fashion 12 Style Lessons We Can Learn from the Italians recently, I thought about my own experiences working and traveling in Italy. I realized that some of the keen observations from the article were reflected by my interactions with my Italian friends and colleagues.

In fact, one of our earliest blog posts about the meaning of Moda by Matteo Silvestri echoes some of the key points:

"In my opinion, “moda” should mean: ” A manner, way, or method that people choose to express themselves”. Moreover, moda and trend are different. Moda is like “art” and trend is more like a “sentiment”: they are different. Let me clarify: my elegant friend who dresses in loud orange and red paints is not launching a new moda, he’s expressing his favorite trend."

"My conclusion is that most of the time, “moda” it’s just a matter of choice: is this important? Yes, it is. It’s very important from my perspective."

"Traveling among small tailors and shoemakers in Italy I discovered that they are the real fashion creators of today."

These above thoughts seem to illustrate the inherent nature of fashion within Italian culture.

Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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