Abruzzo, a train from a fairy tale

CopertinaPhoto and article about Abruzzo by Italian Heart http://www.italianheart.com.au/2015/12/abruzzo-a-train-from-a-fairy-tale

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Are you looking for a fascinating itinerary that will immerse you into the Christmas atmosphere? This year on the 5th of December the historic abruzzese train will leave the station of Sulmona and will follow the tracks of the Italian trans-Siberian stopping at Roccaraso and then Campo di Giove in the heart of the Majella national park. Promoted by the Rotaie association in collaboration with Ferrovie dello Stato, the journey will involve wonderful vintage carriages from the twentys.






The program of the event

Meeting point: Sulmona station at 8am, Train departs at 8.30am from platform 1. After a quick stop in Palena (1258 metres above sea level) the train will be arriving in Roccaraso at about 10.30. In Roccaraso the travelers will have the opportunity to indulge in the characteristic Christmas market in the main square of the village. At 1pm the train departs again heading towards Campo di Giove where everyone can enjoy a lunch break in one of the typical restaurants of the town and a visit to the colorful Christmas markets in the picturesque Piazza Duval cheered by food tasting, live music, Christmas souvenirs and entertainment for the little ones. The historic train departs at 6.15 and arrives back in Sulmona at 7pm.

During the journey some specialized tour guides will inform the travellers on the story of the railway and the landscape. A show from a local band is also planned. This is a unique occasion for Christmas markets lovers and this initiative also offers the chance to get to know our region a bit better in a fun and unconventional, and yes let me say magical way!

I wish I was in Abruzzo to live this fairy tale!



To my beloved husband Nicola who makes my life my favorite fairy tale, every day.

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