A Day in Saint Vincent

Source: http://static.panoramio.com/photos/large/36967138.jpg Credit: survivingitaly.com

A Day in Saint Vincent

Rome, Florence, and Bologna may be on top of most travellers’ go-to list of Italian destinations to visit, but they’re clearly missing out by not venturing out of their comfort zones. While the cities have done much to preserve their culture and heritage, sometimes we just need a break from the hustle and bustle and escape to a small town near the mountains. One place where you can find refuge is in Saint Vincent in the northwestern part of Italy, a spectacular holiday resort in Valle d’Aosta best known for their mineral springs.

Although a popular destination during the summer, the moderate temperatures with cool summers and mild winters make Saint Vincent an excellent vacation spot any time of the year. As Love VDA describes, the town is filled with so many activities to do during the day. History fanatics will take joy in the Romanesque architecture and pre-Roman archaeological findings, while ski junkies will find comfort at the Col de Joux ski resort.

And when the night comes rolling in, let loose and spend your evening in the Saint Vincent Resort and Casino for a night of good food, sinful drinks, and a night of gambles. Although land-based casinos are slowly becoming a thing of the past now that betting giants such as Ladbrokes are teaming up with the gaming titan handling the Gala Casino brand to increase their presence in online gameplay, this particular casino resort is quite a spectacle–offering much more than just your average gambling experience. Like the aforementioned online operators its offers themed slots and a variety of table games in a decadent authentic casino environment.

A mix of alpine freshness and casino luxury, this Saint Vincent entertainment hub supplies some of the most amazing views in all of the Aosta Valley region, allowing you to dine in class along with the gourmet menus from La Grande Vue and 1908. Beverages from the Lounge and Poker Bars will help you loosen up if you haven’t mustered up the courage to place a few bets at Casino De La Vallee, the biggest brick and mortar gaming hub in the nation. But if gambling isn’t your thing, you always have the option of checking out L’EVE, the resort’s wellness center with pristine waters from the highest European glaciers flowing right through it for ultimate relaxation.

Article contributed by Josh Bryant

Josh began skiing at a very young age and the sport is now his main motivation for traveling to different parts of the world. His latest adventure was at the Col de Joux ski resort, and after he conquered the slopes, he discovered there was more to Saint Vincent than just being a new destination for adrenaline junkies.

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