Sustainability meets Made in Italy in Turin


Sustainability meets Made in Italy in Turin:

Turin is a very interesting city, a mélange of the traditional and the modern. It contains a truly wonderful combination of the elements of the historical capital of Italy and the elements of a modern, hip, and progressive European city. It is no surprise that a concept store with 100% natural fibers would open in Turin. It is also no surprise that the Italian tailoring tradition would meet with the growing sustainable practices movement in Italy to produce a modern 100% Italian look.
na2rale immagine 3

NA2RALE is located strategically near the pedestrian area of town and along the way to the river. It is a concept store that features designs from a variety of designers in a single store front.

na2rale lead

Design and detail are important elements in the clothing that feature GOTS certified fabrics, natural dyes in stylish, innovative hues, custom stitching, handpicked zippers and buttons which are crafted together to create clothing in the best Italian Style and tradition.
The shop includes a variety of types of outer wear from shirts to parkas. The shirts are tailor-made using high quality organic cotton which has been carefully selected before reaching the workshops. They are designed to combine comfort and wear ability.

na2rale immagine 4

The storefront has been open in Turin for a few months and now the web site is also open for business!

Here is the link:

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