The Best Car Lover’s Guide to Italy

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (French plate erased). Taken in France - from wikimedia commons contributed by Sovxx
Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano (French plate erased). Taken in France – from wikimedia commons contributed by Sovxx

Article by Hanna Johnson

This is the best guide for car lovers planning to visit Italy. Visiting Modena is one of places on the list of a lot of tourists who visit the region of Lombardy. Aside from savouring the many scrumptious dishes accompanied by the world-famous balsamic vinegar, there are a lot of things to keep a traveler entertained. You can enjoy strolling down the cobblestone streets to find the perfect bar or café for an early evening aperitif. For fans of architecture, art and history, the city is full of wonderful sites to visit such as cathedrals and palaces.

For Maserati fans, you are bound to appreciate the extraordinary collection of twenty cars by the Panini Family. You will get to see the line of cars first started by the Maserati brothers as well as the history of how this supercar begun and continued. Some of the cars included in the Collection Umberto Panini are the 6CM of 1936 that won the Targa Florio, the A6GCS Pininfarina of 1953 which won the 1000 Miglia, the 250F V12 Fangio’s prototype in F1 Monaco GP in 1957 and the only Maserati Eldorado in the world to participate – driven by Stirling Moss – in the 500Miles race in Monza in 1958.

While most of us can gawk at the astonishing lines of supercars to see in these factories in Italy, we can also daydream riding or driving one. But as they say, dreams are not impossible to achieve. You can arrange with a luxury car rental company for a chance to drive one of the sophisticated car models you prefer. On a holiday in Italy, it will be convenient and stylish to drive around in a fast car to cut your travel time to a minimum.

Yet, you can’t leave the city without stopping by the Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari to ogle hot and shiny cars on display for a ticket price of 15 euros. The museum includes the house where the founder was born. You will like the architecture of the structure which is topped with a curving canary-yellow roof that resembles the hood of a race car. You will also see a space dedicated to Enzo Ferrari including an exciting show that tells of the incredible life story of the founder, spanning 90 years, since his first interest in racing began until the time his passion garnered him many triumphs. Service areas are available within the structure to cater to your needs and comfort. Don’t forget to drop by the Ferrari store to purchase some items.

In addition, you can also purchase a combined ticket of 26 euros to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello. Opening hours are the same with the one in Modena. Driving to Maranello will take around 26 minutes but there are also dedicated shuttle services between the two museums. Visitors will be ushered around in exclusive shuttle bus tours of the Fiorano Test Track and the Viale Enzo Ferrari located within the factory compound. Visitors will have a chance to see the artistry and genius in making these supercars.

That’s not all for car lovers. The Lamborghini Museum and Factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese will allow tourists the chance to see the colorful career of Ferruccio Lamborghini as well as watch how the Aventador is assembled in every stage of its construction, from engine production lines to the manual stitching of its high quality leather upholstery. You can also opt to drive around town in one of the beautiful, shiny supercars.

Next, take a tour to the Pagani Facility to discover the amazing life of Horacio Pagani who created the remarkable line of supercars. The showroom has on display the very first model which the founder constructed when he was just 12 years old. In addition, you will also see the first racing car he built at age 20 including the very first drawing of the Zonda as well as the latest Zonda Revolution and Huayra. Visitors can avail of guided visits of the production workshop. You can also have the opportunity to buy official Pagani merchandise within the facility. Read here more about Pagani Automobile Modena Cars History.

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