Herculaneum will run to become 2016 Italian Culture Capital

Herculaneum is famous for its archaeological site

Article published by l’Italo Americano on September 21, 2015 by l’Italo Americano Staff: http://italoamericano.com/story/2015-9-21/Ercolano

Ercolano, the town close to Naples and famous for its ancient Roman ruins, unveiled a proposal to become the 2016 Italian Culture Capital.
The cultural offerings ranged from tours on Caravaggio to tours on street art, from the revival of a used clothing market to a spotlight on creative business startups, archeology and the environment.

Ercolano, located at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius, is best known for the archeological site of Herculaneum, an ancient Roman town that was buried along with Pompeii when the vulcano erupted in 79 AD. It is one of ten finalists for the designation as Culture Capital along with Aquileia, Como, Mantova, Parma, Pisa, Pistoia, Spoleto, Taranto and Terni. The winning town or city will receive a budget of one million euros plus exemptions for event expenses from State-imposed budget restraints.

Read full article: http://italoamericano.com/story/2015-9-21/Ercolano

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