Lovely spot in the heart of Rome – Locanda dei Pugliesi – regional cuisine from Puglia

la locanda

I am fortunate because I have had the occasion to visit Rome a couple of times over the last year or so. I am always on the look-out for good, authentic Italian food in the touristic part of Rome, which currently offers a plethora of options from other cuisines. At least from my perspective, if I come all the way to Italy and I have limited time to spend in Rome, I definitely want to experience the unique and rich flavors of Italian cuisine.

locanda carne locanda dei pugliesi dentro

It was for this reason that I was so happy to discover Locanda dei Pugliesi within a few blocks of my hotel room on my previous trip to Rome. I speak Italian and struck up a conversation with Francesco last year when I first discovered this charming spot. This summer I was back in Rome and I sought out the opportunity to eat again at the bistrot and to reconnect with Francesco. Everyone at the bistrot was friendly and greeted me very warmly when I returned.

What I have learned though my conversations with Francesco is that this little place, like many in Italy, offers the specific cuisine of their region to the wide variety of visitors that come to Rome, both Italian and foreign tourists alike. The establishment has been in business just over a year and things are going quite well so far. The night I was there was mid-week and it was certainly hopping at 10:30 PM or so when I arrived.

Besides the bistrot they have a full-service butcher shop that offers a nice variety of products including meats that are typical of the Puglia region. They are looking to expand their reach to market their meat products beyond their shop in Rome.


Here is a link to their web site for further information:

Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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