Photography: full interview of Irene Kung

(Paul Griffiths interview of Irene Kung: Live and Uncut episode 59:

… “Although born in Switzerland, Irene spent the majority of her life in Rome, Italy. Her mother was a painter. When she used to come home from school to find the house quiet she knew her mother was painting. Irene would stand behind her just watching keeping quiet so that her mother couldn’t hear her! She loved watching her mother paint. From school she moved to graphic design but she loved to photograph with her Olympus Om-1 (Film camera). Photography at an early age was important to her and she enjoyed the whole process of photography from the taking of the image through to working in the darkroom with her Durst enlarger. Concentrating on mono work, some of her prints, in those days would take a whole day to get right. She would sometimes use three negatives to merge together. She would then dodge and burn with the tools she made or simply with her hands, to hide the joins.

From film though she switched to painting as she was trying out different styles, edgings sculptures, but finally got an opportunity to work in an art studio helping the artists prepare their canvasses. She got the chance to paint and exhibited for quite a few years. Her paintings were of a realistic but eventually became more abstract style. Her style was trying trying to create the impression of the image coming through from the background in an almost 3D style. Which is what she tires to (and succeeds I might add) with her present day photography.” …

Read full blog article by photographer Paul Griffiths...



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