Discovering Sicily through Sights and Tastes

Photo from Wikimedia commons contributed by pixelfehler
Photo from Wikimedia commons contributed by pixelfehler

Article by Hanna Johnson:

Sicily is truly one of the most enthralling places on earth. There is plenty to see, from ancient architectural feats to gorgeous, sparkling beaches. It is a place rich in history and drama mixed with the usual monotony of local life, all interlaced together to create a place of beauty all waiting to be discovered. Whether you are passionate of the sea or prefer to wander around the cultural areas of the island, there is a load of things to do. The juxtaposition of varied scenery make a stunning backdrop for a picture-perfect selfie. This island, in all its glory, offers every visitor a lot of options to do to build an entire escapade around – from swimming, hiking, sight-seeing, food tasting, and many more. It is possible to see most of Sicily during your stay and learn about it by booking with tour guides that offer professional and convenient services. There are private guides and even English-speaking chauffeurs, depending on specific needs. From the airport, tour guide companies even provide pick-up services to any destination. Otherwise, you can do your own touring around if you want full control of your time.

If you have made up your mind to spend your next adventure in Sicily, it is important to plan your itinerary so you can make the most of your time and of the area. As expected, any vacationer would love to have a place to call home away from home. So why not stay in one of the villas in Sicily with pools? is a website that can assist you in choosing the best accommodation.This is a perfect set up for having a comfortable stay. In summer, when the beaches get crowded with sunbathers, you can have your ideal solitary time idling around the poolside, reading a book or planning your next activities. You can even have a few refreshing laps across the pool anytime or have a romantic dinner under the canopy of the moonlight with the benefit of privacy all to yourselves.

There is more to Sicily than the usual places of tourism. There is history in every corner. It is bursting at the seams with its architectural and artistic gems. One of the distinctive characters of this place is its variety of cultures intertwined with each other lending it a classical heritage formidably strong. One can book a tour to go see these sites. There are tour providers that caters to every need. As you document the experiences through your camera lens when you take pictures of well-preserved archaeological sites, don’t forget to know about the history of these buildings and admire their artistry and engineering achievement. Selinunte, perhaps one of the most evocative areas in all of Sicily, will truly transport you back in time as you gaze at the ruins of the great acropolis and the 5 temples around. For a longer stay, you can book in one of the many villas in Sicily with pools located in the area and relax after a day of walking around. Go on a day tour to visit Agrigento – The Valley of the Temples. It is considered a UNESCO heritage site because of the remains of 8 temples as well as other ruins such as the Temple of Hera, The Temple of Heracles, The Temple of Olympian Zeus, to name a few.

Photo from Wikimedia commons contributed by BenAveling
Photo from Wikimedia commons contributed by BenAveling

Aside from the numerous archaeological sites, Sicily has landscapes worthy to be seen. Fly into Catania and be ready to be greeted by Mount Etna and its smoking crater. One can even visit the most active volcano in Europe. On the east side, you can walk to see some of the old craters. With a qualified guide, one can go see the main craters. There are available custom tour packages with guides on Mount Etna that can speak different languages. Tours can range from morning tours to full-day tours, as well as helicopter rides to enjoy the spectacular view from above.

You can also go on a food adventure in Sicily and discover the layer-cake culinary inspirations of the place. The ancient cuisine of this dramatic place are strongly tied to the land with few island-grown ingredients key to the uniqueness of the dishes. Sicilian food has a mix of Greek, Spanish, French, and Arab influences. Starters are very important in a Sicilian meal. Alici alle Arance is one of the typical starter or snack. Caponata is likewise popular. Based on eggplants, they are chopped and fried then seasoned with sweet balsamic vinegar, with capers, pine nuts and raisins. It results in a sweet and sour delicacy which is a delicious side dish. Pasta, as with any other region in Italy, is the major specialty. Try Spaghetti ai Ricci. It takes quite some time to make this dish. Using sea urchins, the good part of the meat has to be scooped out. It has a delicate, slightly salty taste and can be expensive! Imagine using 15 sea urchins to make just a portion of pasta!

Photo from Wikimedia commons contributed by sandys
Photo from Wikimedia commons contributed by sandys

If you are going to Palermo, Sesto Canto restaurant is the perfect place to try traditional Sicilian food and home made pasta.

If you are a food aficionado and have a strong interest in Italian dishes, you might also be attracted to the idea of learning how to prepare different fares. In Sicily, there is an opportunity to learn how to prepare their regional dishes by joining cooking courses. What a great way to learn to prepare an authentic Sicilian meal or two! There are cooking classes offered the whole year round. Depending on where you stay in Sicily, you can actually avail of services that offer cooking classes. Choose from options set in different locations – a rural estate, a country villa, a private home, a restaurant – it depends on your preferences. There are even villas in Sicily with pools that provide maximum relaxation while learning how to prepare delicious dishes. Some cooking classes also include wine-tasting excursions that allow you to enjoy Sicily in a different way.

Sicily is perfectly the island waiting for your next holiday trip! Get to know the place by getting intimate with the culture and all that it has to offer. You will definitely enjoy the friendliness of the locals while you make the most of your adventure. Get to see history with the overwhelming sights around. Understand the culture through the uniqueness of their cuisine. Discover the secrets of Sicily and have the most remarkable holiday of a lifetime.

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