A spring solstice with the air of internationality awaits Rimini: “The Invisible City” exhibit by Irene Kung

Palazzo d'Acursio Bologna © Irene Kung
Palazzo d’Acursio Bologna © Irene Kung

We continue to receive updates on exhibits in Italy by Irene Kung. Her exhibit La città invisibile (The Invisible City) just opened Saturday, March 21 at the Augeo Art Space – Corso d’Augusto 217 in Rimini
On display are twenty-three works depicting masterpieces of the world of architecture, without temporal or geographical barriers, "Monumental portraits" taken from their contextual environment and reshaped in a play of light and shadow, which absorbs and captivates the observer.

Irene will bring her magic touch to two of the major symbols of Rimini, “Farò dei ‘ritratti’ a Rimini e comincerò con i monumenti storici come il Ponte di Tiberio e l’Arco di Augusto. Vorrei evidenziarne l’essenza per collegarli ai monumenti di altre città, per raccontare la storia dell’uomo nella città invisibile” ("I will create ‘portraits’ in Rimini and I will begin with the historical monuments like Tiberius Bridge and the Arch of Augustus. I would like to highlight the essence of these structures to connect them to the monuments of other cities, to tell the history of man in the invisible city. ")

Rimini and Milan are protagonists in 2015: Irene Kung has been invited to participate by the organizing committee of Expo Milan 2015 with her exhibition of photographs of fruit trees for the Fruit and Vegetable Cluster. It is not just architectural buildings that are at the center or Irene’s work, she continues to explore elements of nature, landscapes, animals and people, each characterized by that contemplative vision of the artist.

Mole Antonelliana Torino © Irene Kung
Mole Antonelliana Torino © Irene Kung

The same pictorial formation emerges in the volume and tone of the great architectural works in La città invisibile (The Invisible City): from Torre Velasca in Milan to the pinnacles of the Egyptian mosques to the acrobatic geometry of the Beijing stadium, everything is suspended in a dream, on the edge between unreality and hyper-realism. Irene says, “Penso che tutte le opere si debbano avvicinare con sentimento. Sono contenta quando le mie opere vengono guardate come ‘opere’ e non come fotografie. La macchina fotografica per me è soltanto un mezzo, come lo può essere un pennello”. ("I think that all the works are to be approached with feeling. I’m happy when my works are viewed as ‘works’ and not as photographs. The camera is only a means for me, as it can be a brush. ")

This description of her ‘works’ by Irene really seems to capture the essence of what you find in her creations.

The exhibition is open free until 21 June from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 12 and from 16 to 19 or by appointment. More information at: www.augeo.it

Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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