Italian vegetarian and vegan dishes: host profile of Ileana Zagaglia by BonAppetour

Article published Lin from BonAppetour :

Photo courtesy of BonAppetour

Lively and enthusiastic, Ileana welcomes all diners with a variety of tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes – mmmm!

We had the opportunity to dine with Ileana during our recent trip to Rome. Friendly and cheerful, she warmly welcomed us for a meal in her beautiful home.

Apart from her passion for cooking, Ileana has a diverse array of interests, such as reading, travelling, art, interior design, sewing, ceramics, and more! We had a lovely time dining with her, and would highly recommend that you do the same during your sojourns to Italy.

Do read on to find out more about our fascinating and lively BonAppetour host:

What do you love about your city?

I love summertime in Rome, and going around by scooter to discover new spots. Beautiful Rome always has a surprise for everyone, even for those who are living here.

I also love the feeling of driving around Via del Mandrione, or the nearby Via Casilina Vecchia. It feels like just like I am in a small village, quite like the ones you get in Garbatella. I also love walking around Piazza Del Fico, and shopping for food, such as searching for exotic ingredients in the Esquilino area.

Did you always have a passion for food and cooking? Tell us more about your experiences and background with cooking

My culinary journey began out of sheer necessity – I left home for London when I was eighteen, and had no choice but to prepare my own meals during my stay abroad…

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