Italian hospitality, home-cooked food and new friends (italybeyondtheobvious)

Rome is an absolutely stunning city to experience, even, dare I say it in the heat of August. There is so much to see and to do in Rome. While visiting the gorgeous Trevi fountain one evening, some newly made friends and I along with hundreds of other visitors witnessed a marriage proposal – exciting for us, as we clapped and cheered, and truly memorable for the newly engaged couple. Dining out in Roman restaurants is fun especially around the Pantheon, but after a while I was certainly missing some good home cooking. Lucky for me, my Italian friend Giovanni invited me to a dinner party that his friend Susanna was organising for her friends.


Home Cooked Italian Food

That evening, we met Susanna at her lovely roof top home in the quiet neighbourhood of Reggio Emilia, just a short bus ride away. Once there, we were greeted by a spectacular view of the setting sun over the rooftops of Rome. Even Giovanni, who had been living in Rome for five years, had not seen this sort of view. We were served with a tall glass of refreshing traditional lemonade spiced with ginger. Glasses in hand, we were introduced to a number of Susanna’s close friends and everyone made us feel very welcome, as if we were right at home, even though home was half a world away. With bean bags, carpets and cushions spread across the terrace, we settled down comfortably, admiring the skyline and enjoying the company.

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