Impressions of the carnival of Venice

Photo of Venice by Daniel Crosato
Photo of Venice by Daniel Crosato

Daniel Crosato is a new contributor to our blog. He recently went to the carnival of Venice and has shared some of his lovely photos and lasting impressions of the carnival

Photo of carnevale by Daniel Crosato
Photo of carnival of Venice by Daniel Crosato

Read Daniel Crosato’s comments in original Italian or here in English:

The Carnival of Venice, attracts thousands of visitors every year, there are those who arrive with the intent to see the carnival and to take advantage of the opportunity to visit Venice and its islands, and those who want to participate in the carnival, contributing their mask.

The many masks that you find in Venice are mostly hand-crafted. Skilled hands have produced the masks, but more important are the imaginative minds that have created wonders where even the smallest detail is not overlooked. The sky is the limit and imagination is king as you wander through the narrow streets leading to Piazza San Marco, to the heart of the festival. Along the way you will encounter a wide variety of masks, making their way colorfully through the crowd, and see the water-taxis filled with masks in a mashup with the Venetian citizens, who live their everyday life.

Returning to Piazza San Marco you will encounter the stage full of entertainment activities that has been setup for the occasion and the daily parade to elect the mask of the day. You can feel free to indulge in photographing the many splendid colors in a completely unique setting: the living room of the Venetians, Venice.

Photo of carnevale by Daniel Crosato
Photo of carnival of Venice by Daniel Crosato

Why not take advantage of a sunset to take a photograph that will encompass the whole spirit and harmony of Venice that a mask offers us. That’s why every year photographers like me attend the carnival to bring home shots full of feelings, colors, and the true mystery that lurks behind each mask. Each mask has its own story and who knows how many miles it has traveled to get to Venice to participate in a fabulous party, which for many years has been the tradition of the carnival.

Next year give it some thought; the Carnival of Venice is open to all … you can live out your own carnival fantasies.

Daniel Crosato

Translation to English by Lina de la Torre

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