Lucca: Renaissance charm and a lively cultural scene

Piazza Amfiteatro, Lucca
Piazza Amfiteatro, Lucca

Red roofs, a lovely oval shaped central square and the beautiful Tuscan countryside all around it: Lucca sits on the banks of river Serchio and charms visitors with its Renaissance-era city walls -still intact to these days- its understated elegance and its timeless beauty.

Roughly oval, flat and hardly a mile across, Lucca has no wide roads to cross, but a multitude of old churches, little piazzas, towers and family businesses.This is a town where you can get wonderfully lost, either by foot or by bicycle: pretty soon you’re bound to be back to somewhere you recognize. The alleys and columned yards offer countless photo opportunities, while small cafes tempt everyone to slow down, order a coffee at an outside table and just enjoy the views.

Lucca has a lot to offer to those who enjoy history and architecture….

Read full article published by l’Italo Americano on January 23, 2015 by Chiara Assi:

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