Travel tips: Don’t forget the Bosco di San Francesco in Assisi

assisi scaled

One of the great things about being the blog editor is that I come into contact with so many Italians and Italian organizations. Whenever I have a trip to Italy planned, I realize that there is an absolutely overwhelming amount of wonderful opportunities open to me to get to know the country and the people better, but I try to take advantage of the knowledge I have built up to see new and different things on each visit.

Such is the case with my recent trip to Italy. It was a great experience for me and an opportunity to learn more about the area from my Italian friend Antonella who lives in Perugia and specializes in the study of the fascinating background of sites like Assisi. I like to pass along these kinds of travel tips my fellow explorers of Italy.

It was my first visit to Assisi and it certainly did not disappoint. But, imagine my surprise when I came up towards the entrance to the Papal Basilica only to see the poster by FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) about the nearby Bosco di San Francesco. That very same poster is actually referenced on our blog!

I quickly adapted my plans for the morning so that I could take a stroll in the woods. I met a fabulous woman who was at the FAI desk and gave me lots of good information about the woods, the setting, and the history of the area. The stroll along the path that St. Francis took himself so long ago was very tranquil and uplifting. I am very glad I had a chance to do it.

muro scaled

My advice to anyone who goes to Assisi: definitely see the Papal Basilica and the charming little town, but build in some extra time to walk along that peaceful path.

One unexpected and wonderful surprise: the fourteenth century wall in the middle of the path about 1 kilometer past the entrance gate to the woods. How did it get there and who built it? The sign in the woods gives some interesting clues.

muraglione scaled

I can walk pretty much anywhere in heels myself, but you may want to consider comfortable shoes if you want to do more than just dip your toe into the woods and actually walk along the complete path that stretches for a couple of kilometers into the woods.

For more information on the Bosco di San Francesco property at at Largo Papa Gregorio IX Assisi:

Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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