Carnevale storico di Offida, the carnival which opens the Italian masquerade season

A moment of the parade along Offida's street
A moment of the parade along Offida’s street

Il Carnevale storico di Offida, in the province of Ascoli Piceno, is held annually according to tradition. This year’s editions starts January 17, the day of St. Anthony Abbate, and ends on Ash Wednesday. The day of the "Sunday of Friends” precedes two-week carnival: congregations, designed to put together relatives and friends, wishing to participate in the carnival revelry, begin the tour of the country through the rhythm of music.

They have a key role on the evening of last Thursday before Lent’s time starts and receive the keys of the city and, from that moment, the country is symbolically in their hands. During the last day of carnival, everybody in Offida wear the typical "guazzarò" (white canvas with red handkerchief around neck), paints the face in different colors, and join others along the streets with dances, jokes, and throwing confetti.

Read full article published by L’Italo Americano on January 17th, 2015 by L’Italo Americano Staff:

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