How to preserve designer shoes to perfection

Photo courtesy of David Ryall

Article by Sara Silvestri:

I love Italian fashion, and especially Italian shoes. I only care about the good brands, since I would rather buy a few good shoes than buy many pairs of shoes that will just hurt my feet. Shoes are important to me because they have to hold our body in a very comfortable way for the whole day. They also need to be nice, since our feet are a very important part of our body that make us look the way we would like to.

However, the major problem with expensive, luxury, or designer shoes is how best to take care about them. This is especially true when we accidentally dirty them a lot.

How to clean-up expensive shoes?
The Blog editor at Madeinitalymall asked me to do an investigation on how to maintain a particular pair of luxury shoes that were made in Italy. You can see them in the attached pictures. Since I live in Italy (Turin) and I only wear luxury shoes, I realized that I could provide good advice for shoes-lovers like me that read the blog.

In my past experience, wherever I asked for information at a specialized store, I ended up with tons of different expensive products; sometimes they also left some stains or altered my original shoe color. I had the very same pair of shoes in the attached picture, but from a different brand. The leather looked exactly the same, since it was very trendy here in Italy.

This is what I would suggest to anyone who loves her/his own pair of shoes that are like this:
What you need is a cloth made of authentic wool (not microfiber or other synthetic one). I had an old white sweater that worked just fine. According to where you live, you can buy something with natural wool in a department store. You also need a piece of natural Marseilles soap which is used for sensitive people skin. I know, many people do not even know about it. But, it is also carried at department stores. Look for it at your favorite store and be sure it is the original Savon de Marseilles soap, without any added chemicals. You can also use it to clean your skin! 🙂

Photo courtesy of David Ryall

First step: try to gently sweep the dirty part away with a dry wool cloth.
If the stain doesn’t come out, then use some warm water (NOT HOT) to melt a little part of this Marseilles soap, then you can grab some creamy solution from the soap onto the wool cloth. Then apply it over your shoe stain, trying to gently sweep away the dirt. You continue sweeping, washing the wool cloth withe some water often to gather the creamy solution from the soap. After that, dry the shoes with a dry wool cloth.

As I always used to test any advice I received on my expensive stuff, I suggest you try this cleaning technique first on a hidden part of your shoes. If it works fine without leaving any stain, then you are ready to go all over the shoes. This helped me a lot, worked just great, and it’s easy to carry along when I’m traveling.

If this suggestion doesn’t work for you, then I encourage you to get in touch with me through this blog to investigate further here in Italy to find some other natural tricks for your specific issue.

Ciao a tutti.

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