Food: “Less is more”: at the Club Doney and in life by Laura Casaldi

doney cafè

The new Doney Cafe is opening. Could I miss it? Of course not. It turns out that I was already in Rome for other commitments and to not participate in the baptism of this historic restaurant on Via Veneto would have been unforgivable. Yes, it definitely would have, because just last night at the Club at the Westin Excelsior, they inaugurated a new design and menu for the restaurant, which harmonizes with the regional street food, revisited with originality and good taste.

My husband and I, always ready to sacrifice ourselves in similar circumstances, arrive just in time to sample the latest ‘cicchetti salati’: tasty and refreshing veggie burgers. With desserts, however, we not only made up for it, but we also ‘overdid’ it. Now, I would not want to clumsily rename such a masterpiece of goodness, but I think that several times I tasted some excellent fried cinnamon bowlers, and I apologize if that is not the case. And of course, I was not alone ..

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