Travel: Impressions from Italy

Hills near Perugia by Lina de la Torre
Travel: Hills near Perugia by Lina de la Torre

The warm fall sun on the façade of the still magnificent ruins of ancient Rome

A newlywed’s first kiss in front of an 18th century church in Turin

The vast Umbrian landscape after a good rain

The scene of an empty piazza in anticipation of the upcoming chocolate festival in Perugia

The mottled light filtering through the tall trees to shade the expansive park on the hill near the Villa Borghese

A strong, rich, cup of espresso on a chilly morning

A lazy afternoon sitting on a bench chatting in Italian for hours after a great meal with wonderful red wine

All of these memories of Italy are fresh in my mind as I return home. But, as wonderful as these memories are, they pale in comparison to the lasting impression that I will keep of the Italian people

They are up against such adversity – yet their resilience moved me immensely – despite the challenges, they remain achingly open, idealistic, and ever hopeful. That is truly the most beautiful impression from my trip to Italy – witnessing the strength of the Italian character

Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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