Travel: Cinque Terre Hiking (italybeyondtheobvious)

Manarola by Worlds in Focus
Manarola by Worlds in Focus

The Cinque Terre are five towns that appear to cling to the rocks along a small section of northern Italy’s Mediterranean coastline, and are famous for the mule trails that connect them: paths which attract thousands of hikers each year. I worked as a hiking guide in and around the Cinque Terre, and if you’ve seen photos of the area and are thinking about hiking the trails, here are the things you should know.

You can hike the famous mule tracks that connect the five Cinque Terre towns in one day

When I guided in this area, we used to stay in the nearby town of Sestri Levante, get on the train in the morning and arrive in Monterosso al Mare – the northernmost of the five towns – about 9.30 am. We’d walk all four trails and visit all five towns, including stops for lunch and snacks and shopping, and we’d be done by late afternoon.

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