Italian culture magazine: La Civetta – lo stivale sott’occhio

Image courtesy of La Civetta
Image courtesy of La Civetta

La Civetta is a dual language magazine all about Italy, run by students from Italy and the UK and published by the Italian department at the University of Bristol (England). The magazine was born from the desire of students of the university to reconcile their talents in writing, translating, design and editing in a project about a topic of mutual interest to them all: Italy and all things Italian.

La Civetta covers all sorts of Italian-related topics, ranging from news and sport to light-hearted travel advice and cooking pages sharing recipes. We also include fascinating interviews with the university’s academics (some of the best in the country!) and reviews and analyses of Italian films and music, old and new. We combine both the efforts of students interested in Italy, whether they be third generation Italians or non-Italians, with those of native Italians, either native staff teachers or students studying at the university on an Erasmus program (a European scheme allowing students from all over the continent to study at another country’s university for a year). The result provides some refreshing outlooks on Italy and Italian life, as well as outlining fascinating differences between cultures. One page ‘dai nostri inviati in Italia’ focuses on Bristol students currently on their Erasmus year abroad studying in Italy, sharing their numerous funny anecdotes of everyday life living la dolce vita.

Most of our pages are written in English, but some are translated in Italian as well, which ensures native Italians are not excluded from our readership. La Civetta is written for anyone with an interest in the abundant Italian culture and country, and we invite everyone to take a read.

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