“Embrace deflation as a possible therapy” by Nicola Antonucci

I had an opportunity recently to interview Nicola Antonucci, the co-author of the book “New Made in Italy: Come usciremo dalla crisi” http://goo.gl/iYGLqi

We are publishing the Q&A from the interview in a series of articles…stay tuned for the next article…Lina

Q: What do you consider to be the most important “take away” for someone who reads your book?

A: To inform people that the inflation scenario that has been highly publicized for quite some time by the mass media is actually being replaced by a deflation scenario. One conclusion we came to is that it makes sense to invest at home in Italy, but people need practical advice on how to invest in this type of disruptive situation… and most importantly we want them to be able to find the sustainable happiness that we believe is possible by applying the principles presented in “New Made in Italy”

We show three charts in the book related to the phenomenon of deflation. In those charts, we show statistics relating to US incomes over the last 100 years or so that illustrate how deflation behaves as an “attractor” within the complex system. In the deflation scenario, the rich get poorer and loose approximately sixty percent of their wealth as a result, whereas in the inflation scenario, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. The charts show how deflation completely restructures the economy and society, thus it creates an opportunity to re-mix the social culture, the habits, and the roles. It is a big opportunity. What could be viewed as trauma can also be viewed as therapy. So, another major take away from the book is to how to embrace deflation as a possible therapy.

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