Italy travel tips

Photo of Italian road from Wikimedia Commons contributed to public domain by Pavel Gromov
Italy travel tips: Photo of Italian road from Wikimedia Commons contributed to public domain by Pavel Gromov

Driving in Italy may not be the best choice for a vacation. It’s not merely about the “rules of the road”; it’s more about the Italian philosophy of driving. I suggest that foreign travelers use public transportation rather than drive.

Here is my list of suggested modes of transportation, according to the target route:

Avoid renting cars for vacation, unless you plan to reach very isolated towns.

Excellent train transportation is offered in Italy by the FRECCIA-ROSSA, FRECCIA-ARGENTO, and FRECCIA-BIANCA, and all the trains at ITALO-TRENO. Here the links:



Low Cost Flights:
Low cost flights in Italy, at outstanding quality level, are affordable if purchased ahead of time. Easyjet and Airone are my personal favorites, and they never have grounded me.
The links:,

The bus is a great choice within the towns in Northern Italy.

The metro and the tram (like a bus, but on rails) are always the best choice for on-time connections, wherever available of course. Do not hesitate to use the metropolitan in Rome, Milan, and Naples. Pay close attention to your wallet.

Look for information on the main website for the city you are visiting about bike rental availability. I do not provide specific direction here because this bike service is provided mainly for “political” reasons. Hence, you may find that the bikes are there but you’ll not be able to figure out how to rent them.

Taxi services are generally good in Italy, but expensive. Check them out first. One tip would be to send an email to the cab company ahead of time to get fares and contact information.

Yes, local friends may offer great rides. However, never rely on a friend’s drop-off being on-time at the airport. Sometimes Italians have pretty flexible ideas about the right timing for flight check-in. Moreover, if you just had a romantic interlude with an Italian that wants to drive you to the airport, then you’re definitely going to miss your flight 😉 If you care about your friends, take a taxi.

Enjoy your day with a little break of Italian Dolce Vita, Matteo Silvestri

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