“Saving people from being cheated” by Nicola Antonucci

I had an opportunity recently to interview Nicola Antonucci, the co-author of the book “New Made in Italy: Come usciremo dalla crisi” http://goo.gl/iYGLqi

We are publishing the Q&A from the interview in a series of articles…stay tuned for the next article…Lina

Q: What was the impetus for you to write the book?

A: The incubator project was originally called “Progetto Salva gente” (saving people). What do we mean by that? We want to save people from being taken advantage of. The message is that each person shares the responsibility in not being cheated; let’s say it is about twenty percent the responsibility of the individual investor and we want to give people a tool to help them take that responsibility. Essentially, people need to investigate for themselves to be able to determine who to trust.

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