“Florence is the city” by Nicola Antonucci

I had an opportunity recently to interview Nicola Antonucci, the co-author of the book “New Made in Italy: Come usciremo dalla crisi” http://goo.gl/iYGLqi

We are publishing the Q&A from the interview in a series of articles…stay tuned for the next article…Lina

Q: What is one of your favorite places in Italy and why should people visit there?

A: Florence is city where the mix of cultures and ideas that we describe in our book is amply in evidence. It is a dreaming city. Historically, it has had a good mixture of art and science. In fact there was a kind of “New Made in Italy”, but 600 years ago during the Renaissance. At one point we even considered incorporating the term Renaissance into the title. The Renaissance was certainly a beautiful age of humanity. During that time the culture was cosmopolitan, very open to other cultures.

Leonardo da Vinci of course mixed art and science and we make reference to the Leonardo III project in the book. That project has had a lot of success around the world, reconstructing and revitalizing the designs and ideas of da Vinci.

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