“First do not harm” by Nicola Antonucci

I had an opportunity recently to interview Nicola Antonucci, the co-author of the book “New Made in Italy: Come usciremo dalla crisi” http://goo.gl/iYGLqi

We are publishing the Q&A from the interview in a series of articles…stay tuned for the next article…Lina

Q: Why should someone read your book?

A: As a financial consultant, my first rule is “First do no harm” (Hippocratic oath). On the client side, the small investor side, I want to spread the message not to let others cheat you. You have to help prevent the harm being done to you. A good reason to read this book or my other book about finance would be to learn how not to be cheated. I want people to understand that they should not just believe and trust blindly.

You need to study to learn how to prevent being cheated: So, I would say “First study, second study, and third study”.

With this educational approach we can create a positive circle, where the investors become more educated and that will help prevent the advisors from taking advantage of them. We can think of it as a vaccine against being taken advantage of.

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