La dolce vita ‘fusion’ at the Elegance Café in Rome by Laura Casaldi

Article originally published in Italian by Laura Casaldi on March 24, 2014:

By now, whenever Giulia Murdocca calls the bloggers and industry professionals respond, knowing that they will be sure to spend a pleasant evening and discover interesting spots. That is just what happened on March 13th at the Cocktail and Jazz Party organized at the Elegance Café in Rome.

Giulia Murdocca e la Direzione dell'Elegance Café
Giulia Murdocca e la Direzione dell’Elegance Café

It was an event that was reserved for the press which led us from the streets of the sweet life of Rome to the discovery of fresh and ‘exotic’ flavors. The evening featured the international and appealing offerings of the cocktail bar and the prospect of live music, the unquestioned protagonist of the club, at least as regards gastronomic ‘fusion’.

For the record we tasted everything and our assessment was beyond positive. Particularly interesting were the raw fish and the desserts that were served in shot glass portions: all exquisitely and deliberately vintage, to stay in theme. Certainly not least among the items we tasted was the crown of basmati rice with vegetables, octopus salad and the fresh sliced fruit

Un assaggino...per gradire:)
Un assaggino…per gradire:)
e che dolce vita sia!
e che dolce vita sia!

What particularly struck me was the changeable and versatile format at the Elegance Café. The “all day long” format at number 83, Via Veneto is well designed to offer a different option for every time of day: from a continental breakfast to a brunch lunch, progressing to a wine and cocktail bar that is always open, you then arrive at dusk with much still to live and experience: appetizer, dinner and after dinner, a fit ending to a story that does not disappoint. The change of scene happens very discreetly, whether you are sitting on the comfy sofas outside or whether you’re inside, sipping a French 75 in good company.

French 75: ottimo cocktail a base di Champagne
French 75: ottimo cocktail a base di Champagne

So it was that we found ourselves under a starry sky in spring left to imagine a time we have not yet experienced, but for one evening the soul of this restaurant will recount for us better than words. Moreover, what better way to continue daydreaming than to the sounds of the band "The Jazz Conversion"? It was a musical accompaniment that confirmed what I have always thought: jazz allows you to intercept the light frequencies of the shadows and the penumbra of life, to amplify the senses and emotions. And if the jazz is infused with a pop-rock vocalist that has as lovely a voice as Sally Molliconi, then the soul vibrates and rediscovers the pleasure of truly good music.

The Jazz Conversion
The Jazz Conversion
Iride Valente, Giulia Murdocca ed io!
Iride Valente, Giulia Murdocca ed io!
Translation to English provided by Lina de la Torre

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