When Perugia looked to the East

Photo of Tempio di Sant'Angelo courtesy of Antonella Bazzoli
Photo of Tempio di Sant’Angelo courtesy of Antonella Bazzoli

I recently read an article by my Italian friend Antonella about the Tempio di Sant’Angelo. I was really fascinated by the study of the architectural structure and the symbolism contained therein. Antonella always seems to find an interesting, lesser known, or somewhat debated point about the historical and/or symbolic significance of the historical artifacts and structures that abound in Umbria. In this particular case, she highlights the connection of Perugia to a Greek-speaking community from the East that populated the area and points to conjecture about the ties between that community and the temple. She also unravels the architectural elements of the temple and the presents a hypothesis on the potential significance of the numerology tied to those architectural elements. I am planning on visiting some of the sites that Antonella writes about on my next trip to Italy!

Here is the link to the English translation of her article that I collaborated with her to produce: http://www.evus.it/en/index.php/news/zoom/a-circular-church-in-the-byzantine-perugia/

Photo courtesy Antonella Bazzoli www.evus.it
Photo courtesy Antonella Bazzoli

At the end of the article she describes how the light can be seen coming through the windows near the top of the temple. This picture seems to capture that beautiful vision of the light hitting those windows.

Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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