Spasso Food: Street Food to take away in Rome by Laura Casaldi

spasso food 1

Article originally published in Italian by Laura Casaldi the 9th of February, 2014:

For a food blogger and food writer the opening of a new restaurant is like the birth of a new star: it is an exciting and compelling experience that is as beautiful to live as it is to talk about.
That’s why a few days ago, attracted by the good reviews I read in the Rete (network) and finding myself with my husband in the Re di Roma zone, I could not resist the temptation to try the cuisine of "Spasso Food".

spasso food 2

It is 20.30 in the evening on a Thursday; I am really hungry. I have very little time and since I want to avoid putting on too much weight, this seems like a viable alternative to pizza. It really is just like this: the place is small but cozy, with an open kitchen that invites tasting and erases all doubt. We look around for a moment, we ask our server what is offered on the menu, and then we focus. We decide to answer the beckoning of the fritto dorato, as Rome seemed to exert from us, and we taste some polpettine di saltimbocca (veal dish) and an arancino (see photo) which we followed with a mini portion of hot and sinewy gâté potatoes (see photo).

gâté di patate
gâté di patate

We are also tantalized by a seemingly tender and flavorful pollo campese, but instead we prefer to leave it for later, while promising Leonardo, with whom we exchanged some small talk, to come back to taste it. Spasso Food, we are told, focuses on quality ingredients produced in concert with the raw materials that are locally available; it is not by chance that, depending on availability, you might also find Aldo Manzo homemade beef and bread from Bonci. The items proposed on the menu are prepared based on seasonality and by playing with tradition by revisiting typical Roman dishes, such as panzanella ( salad of bread and tomatoes) that can be eaten as finger food. The formula is strictly take-away although there are a couple of little tables, so there is no lack of support if one wants to sit and eat. Cacio e pepe (cheese and peppers) or profiteroles are served in a practical and disposable 280 ml ( 1 cup) size, and behold, with a little bit of effort, the concept of Street food is ennobled and elevated to take-away, I dare say even Gourmet!

spasso 5

Without getting dirty and without spending too much, taste and quality can accompany your strolls, as they have accompanied ours, reminding us how good food can improve the world as well as ourselves!

Translation to English provided by Lina de la Torre

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