Sorrento Italy: Charming SeasideTown by Betsy Nisbet

Sorrento Seashore
Sorrento Seashore

This is a quiet little town on the seashore near Sorrento. It was a fishing village and the local people, who going about their daily business were so charming. We stayed on the beach and I picked up some beautiful stones. I like to pretend that they are old stones that came from far away; maybe from old pottery from Crete. There was a placard on the wall of a building that said that a film with Sophia Loren was filmed here.

Sorrentof 10th Century Mill

This was so cool! It was in the middle of Sorrento, surrounding this sunken area. It is an old mill from around the 10th Century AD. Not only the mill was from that time frame, but there were some paths that were from an earlier Roman era.

Sorrento Cappuccino

I was in Sorrento with my friend Damian and niece Emily. Damian and his partner have a "higher standard" for travel than I do, especially for lodging. We stayed in the beautiful manor that had great service. They held weddings there and they had a breakfast porch outside. We had breakfast every day there. This caffè was wonderful! In fact, while we were there, there was a wedding held and the centerpieces were left over in the breakfast area. They had huge arrangements with lemons. It was really unusual and stunning.

Betsy Nisbet

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