#2014 Olympics: Innerhofer silver in the downhill. First medal for Italy

Photo of the Krasnaya Polyana ski area near Sochi from Wikimedia commons in the public domain
Photo of the Krasnaya Polyana ski area near Sochi from Wikimedia commons in the public domain

We won’t be able to keep up with the fast pace of the Olympics, the winners, and the Italian participants. On the blog we hope to post a story related to the competition once in awhile to feel the pulse of the competition. This story about the first medal for Italy certainly captured our attention.

English translation of an excerpt from the article in IlSole24Ore.
Innerhofer silver in the downhill. First medal for Italy by Luca Re with articles by Antonella Scott | 9 February 2014

First Olympic podium for the Italian
The most beautiful dream, however, belongs to Christof Innerhofer, who started this season with zero podiums. His scream at the finish line was liberating : yes , yes , yes… that “yeeesss” in English reverberated in front of all of the cameras around the world. There was such a big exclamation for a silver medal because it magically fit between the historic gold for Zeno Colo (in 1952 in Oslo) and the bronze at Innsbruck for Herbert Plank in 1976. It is the first Italian medal in Sochi and breaks the ice in alpine skiing after the travails in Vancouver, saved by the effort of Giuliano Razzoli who garnered an important gold in the slalom. Today, the tactics of this skier from the Italian high mountain region, who had collected three world championships in Garmisch, really paid off. Innerhofer fills what was previously an Olympic void of more than thirty years for the blue team. In the tests prior to the competition he had come down with the brake tightened. I skied "molto easy" he said while the others sped ahead. He emphasized it was important to become familiar with the snow, measure each angle of the track, and not get too tired out.

Original Italian excerpt from the article on this link: http://www.ilsole24ore.com/art/notizie/2014-02-09/innerhofer-d-argento-discesa-libera-prima-medaglia-l-italia-140726.shtml. Innerhofer d’argento in discesa libera. Prima medaglia per L’Italia di Luca Re con articoli di Antonella Scott | 9 febbraio 2014

Primo podio olimpico per l’italiano

Il sogno più bello però appartiene a Christof Innerhofer, anche lui partito con zero podi in questa stagione. Il suo urlo al traguardo è liberatorio: yes, yes, yeeesss ripeteva allungando quel sì gridato in inglese davanti alle telecamere di tutto il mondo. Tanti punti esclamativi per un argento che s’inserisce magicamente tra l’oro storico di Zeno Colò (era il 1952 a Oslo) e il bronzo a Innsbruck di Herbert Plank nel 1976. È la prima medaglia italiana di Sochi, a rompere subito il ghiaccio nello sci alpino, che a Vancouver tribolò fino all’oro salvifico di Giuliano Razzoli in slalom. Oggi ha pagato davvero la tattica dell’altoatesino, collezionista di tre metalli iridati a Garmisch. Eccolo di nuovo Winnerhofer, a colmare un digiuno olimpico più che trentennale per la velocità azzurra. Nelle prove era sceso col freno tirato. Ho sciato "molto easy" aveva detto mentre gli altri gli sfrecciavano davanti. Perché l’importante era prendere confidenza con la neve, misurare ogni angolo del tracciato, senza stancarsi troppo.

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