Italian #wine: shop in Carignano serves wines with heart

Photo courtesy Emilio Barbero
Photo courtesy Emilio Barbero

I met Emilio Barbero when he was living in the US. He shared his passion for Italian food and wine with me during the time he lived in Portland, Oregon. He is back in Italy now and has opened an exciting new business on a theme that I know he is passionate about: fine wines. There are many such small, cozy little shops all over Italy and I see Emilio’s wine shop as a good example to illustrate the care and devotion that these Italian proprietors bring to their shops. I hope I can visit Vineria Barbero the next time I am in Italy.

Emilio has created a unique space to enjoy some of the best things that Italy has to offer at the Vineria Barbero di Carignano. His guests can enjoy a good glass of wine with friends or come in and browse to find gifts. He has selected fine wines, spirits and honey from small producers, some of which he knows personally and all of which are well-recognized for their quality.

One project that is very close to his heart is that of a wine called "Valelapena" (it is worth the trouble) that helps finance a project to support the inmates of Alba.

Vineria Barbero is continually expanding their range and they aspire to have wines to suit a wide variety of tastes, whether it is for a sweet and fruity wine or a more full-bodied one. Good flavor and high quality will always be at the core of what they offer.

For more information, here is the link to web site ( in Italian):

Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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