#Italian lifestyle: Retrospective of our virtual piazza for 2013

Image courtesy of Lorenzo Perego Visioni Italiane
Image courtesy of Lorenzo Perego Visioni Italiane

As 2013 draws to a close, we have seen a very successful year with more interest and collaboration on our virtual piazza than ever! We are pleased that we could bring Italian lifestyle to life on the blog.

We started a tradition last year of acknowledging all of the people who have contributed to the blog during the year and we want to continue that tradition every year. Since we doubled our contributor base this year, we are publishing our list of contributors in a more brief and concise format than last year so we can include everyone.

Speaking of contributors, we have started a new focus on the blog to increase contribution of photos, articles, comments, etc. about Italy. Very soon you will see some changes to highlight those who contribute to our blog.

We published an article with some sentiments about Italy awhile back. We are repeating a short excerpt here as it sets the stage for this article. We believe that every one of our contributors is absolutely passionate about Italy and our mission of educating the public about the Italian culture.

“When I least expect it, Italy reaches out and touches me.
Faint images, memories, and feelings flash by my consciousness and I can’t quite grasp them, they escape me and what is left is only a fervent desire to return to Italy that is inescapable”

Here is an extremely brief assortment of articles that reflects the variety of what we publish:

Year-of-Italian-Culture-2013 very small

Since 2013 was the Year of Italian Culture in the US, I thought It was very appropriate to mention the article we published about the events in New York City in conjunction with the Italian Heritage and Culture Committee – NY, Inc. as part of that celebration: http://www.madeinitalymall.com/blog/italian-heritage-and-culture-month-bringing-focus-to-2013-year-of-italian-culture-in-the-us/

photo matteo giovane

This year, as last year, one of the most popular articles was the one written by Matteo Silvestri about Moda: http://www.madeinitalymall.com/blog/what-does-moda-mean/

caffe della pace very small

Rebecca Price Butler has been a very regular contributor of her photos and informed commentary about traveling in Italy with articles like this impassioned plea to help save the Caffe della Pace in Rome: http://www.madeinitalymall.com/blog/save-the-antico-caffe-della-pace-in-rome-by-rebecca-price-butler/

spaghetti feature very small

Daniele Sorice has been kind enough to share his fabulous recipes like Spaghetti Aglio Olio: http://www.madeinitalymall.com/blog/spaghetti-aglio-olio-peperoncino/

rigoletto very small

Our collaborations around the arts have continued with articles about productions in Seattle, Portland and Mexico as well as re-blogging articles from the wonderful opera21 online magazine. One great example is the production of Rigoletto by the Teatro del Bicentenario in León, Mexico:http://www.madeinitalymall.com/blog/upcoming-teatro-del-bicentenario-production-of-the-opera-rigoletto/

cinema italian style very small

American Cinematique collaborates to help bring a wonderful Italian film festival to Los Angeles every year. The festival was held in November: http://www.madeinitalymall.com/blog/cinema-italian-style-2013-nov-15th-to-23rd/

Here is the full list of contributors this year. We thank every one of them for taking the time to share thoughts, photos, or comments with our readers.

Adriano Giotti
Alex by Mercury
American Cinematique
Anthony at fellini.it
Antonella Bazzoli
Betsy Nisbet
Caffe Umbria
Ceramica Castellamonte
Cinema Italian Style
Daniele Sorice
FAI and Friends of FAI
Francesco Barbi
Giacomo Sagripanti
Guido Bottazzo
Irene Kung
Italian Heritage and Culture Month
Jessica Andrews from One Day in Italy
John Gower
La Sicilienne
Le Reginelle and Paolo Volante
Lorenzo Perego
Matteo Silvestri
MAXXI in Rome
National Gallery
Nuccia Focile
Opera21 magazine
Oregon Arts Orchestra
Oscar Bencivenga
Portland Opera
Rebecca Price Butler from alovelettertorome
Riccardo Astolfi
Seattle Opera
Slow Food International
Storico Carnevale di Ivrea
Teatro del Bicentenario

What can we say after presenting this wonderful list of contributors?

BUON ANNO NUOVO 2014 a tutti VOI, che AUGURIAMO ricco di serenita` e felicita`.

Happy New Year 2014 to all of YOU; we WISH it will be rich with serenity and happiness.

Matteo Silvestri and Lina de la Torre

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