#Environment: The EU court rejects GM potato Amflora

My Italian friend Matteo and I have talked quite a lot about the topic of genetically modified foods and the potential impact on the environment. This is a topic that Italians care deeply about. I believe that is because it goes to the heart of one of the integral elements of the Italian culture of enjoying food, not only as nutrition but as a shared experience.

I read an article recently about the rejection by the EU General Court of an earlier decision by Brussels on the cultivation of the GM Potato Amflora in Europe and I discussed it briefly with Matteo.

Matteo mentioned to me that one important fact that was not really highlighted in the article, but implied and understood in Italy, is that the rejection was because the health-related information was missing. This particular potato was originally approved for use in ethanol production (to replace gasoline). In the absence of this health information the previous approval might have been misinterpreted to assume that the GM potato could be used for food purposes.

Here is my English translation of an excerpt of that article:

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Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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