Awards in Florence for #short films of social impact: Raccorti Sociali

Image from Wikimedia commons in the public domain
Image from Wikimedia commons in the public domain

On December 8th there was an awards ceremony held at the Odeon Cinema in Piazza Strozzi in Florence for an Italian national festival of selected short films called “Raccorti Sociali. Piccoli film per grandi idee” ( “Social impact shorts: Short films for big ideas”). The festival returned again this year in its fifth edition. The festival aims to promote the production of video clips that are in the service of the common good.

Participation in the festival was free and the film length was very short, not to exceed five minutes (opening titles and closing credits included). Prizes of equipment were awarded.

Here is a link with information about the festival (in Italian):

As part of the event there was a screening of the ten short films that were selected for this year and the presenter was Barbara Enrichi who won the David di Donatello award for Best Supporting Actress in 1997 for her role in ‘ The Cyclone ‘ and the Tuscan comedienne Anna Meacci attended as a guest of honor.

Photo courtesy of Adriano Giotti
Photo courtesy of Adriano Giotti

We corresponded recently with Adriano Giotti who was a finalist and also took a 3rd place finish with his film "Andy l’alieno" ( “Andy the alien”). He told us that receiving this award was a big honor among such a distinguished selection of artists and he also shared his enthusiasm for this genre of short films with a social impact.

He provided this brief comment in Italian about his film: "credo che essere autistici sia come essere una persona normale su un pianeta dove tutti gli altri sono alieni. ed è questo che ho voluto affrontare nel mio corto. sono veramente entusiasta che sia stato selezionato su oltre 200 cortometraggi e che si sia aggiudicato il terzo premio. è una cosa importante, soprattutto perché darà visibilità alla tematica dell’autismo che mi sta molto a cuore"

("I think that being autistic is like being a normal person on a planet where all the others are aliens and this is what I wanted to address in my short firm. I am really excited to have been selected out of more than 200 short films and to have won the third prize. It is an important thing, especially because it will give visibility to the issue of autism that is close to my heart")

Adriano has created videos on a variety of themes with some provocative and interesting imagery.

Image courtesy of Adriano Giotti
Image courtesy of Adriano Giotti

Here is a link to Adriano Giotti’s web site (may include adult content: see our policy):

Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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