Reflections on the allure of #Italy

Image courtesy of Lorenzo Perego - Visioni Italiane
Image courtesy of Lorenzo Perego – Visioni Italiane

When I least expect it, Italy reaches out and touches me.
Faint images, memories, and feelings flash by my consciousness and I can’t quite grasp them, they escape me and what is left is only a fervent desire to return to Italy that is inescapable
I wonder what it is about Italy that touches me in this way. I don’t honestly know, but I fantasize that all of the passion and desire of hundreds of years, if not thousands of years, has gathered there and has never left
Once experienced, the imprint of that passion remains for life, and no matter how faint the memory becomes, it is never forgotten
The blog revives these faint images, and makes them real somehow
I am suddenly reminded of a place, a feeling, a smile that I have seen,and in that moment I begin to understand what every Italian that has left home must feel
I am almost afraid to visit Italy because it will mean leaving her again
But, then I console myself with the idea that Italy will never stop reaching out and touching me somehow, as it does even now in this moment
The Italians say “ci sentiamo”.  I always thought that was an interesting phrase.
But, the more I think about it, the more I think it means that we will actually truly feel this shared feeling that we have come to know in Italy

Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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