Exhibit in #Milan: from Marilyn to Pelé, masterpieces by Andy Warhol

Photo of Warhol Exhibition from Wikimedia Commons by Tom Rolfe
Photo of Soup can pillars on the exterior of the Warhol Exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy from Wikimedia Commons by Tom Rolfe

I was perusing twitter and came across this gem. I am a fan of Andy Warhol. The last time I went to visit friends in Pittsburgh I went to the Andy Warhol museum. The exhibit was really intense and very well-presented. Given that experience, I can only imagine what it would be like to see the 160 works from the Brant collection that are going to be on display in Milan.

Here is my English translation of the introduction to the article I read in La Stampa:

Visiting the preview of an exhibition when curators, transporters, technicians and skilled workers are working frantically to finish the installation, is rather interesting because it gives you a better understanding of the specific spatial dimensions and the overall narrative of the exhibition, but also because it may bring you a fascinating surprise. That’s what happened to me. Upon entering the room I see a large number of photographers and videographers huddled around a chest. "And ‘Marilyn arrived," they say excitedly. And then hanging on the wall next to "Thirty is better than one" is a magnificent work, a photo-silkscreen with thirty Gioconde from 1963 that had been extracted with infinite care from the chest. The Marilyn in question: "Shot Blue Marilyn" from 1964, which is an absolutely exceptional work, even among the wonderful series dedicated to the actress..[ ] And..it is almost inevitable that this Marilyn will become the Superstar of the Warhol exhibition at the Palazzo Reale, which presents 160 works from Peter Brant, one of the most important collectors of contemporary art in the world, who had also been a great friend of the artist (and his collaborator on Interview and the production of film).

Ci sentiamo presto, Lina

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