#Italian design furniture: an interesting twist

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From the outrageous and creative minds of the two Italian designers Barbi and Bottazzo combined with classic Italian manufacturing know-how comes the Collezione Pasta. It is a series of iconic furniture inspired by cuisine, by Italian food, its rituals and its preparation, a celebration of Made in Italy seen through a reinterpretation of a classic symbol of Italy in the world: pasta.

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Collezione Pasta is an entire line of furniture consisting of several pieces, including the comfortable Tortellino chair,the Rigatoni sofa and the imposing Spaghetti chandelier complete with fork, all seasoned with spectacular Basil pillows and Tomato ottomans. They are Italian artisan creations designed as innovative solutions that are ideal for hotels and restaurants, a modern and creative decor, a way to "taste" with the eyes!

I really liked this collection when I saw it in Milan. Apparently, I am not the only one who likes it because it was featured in Architectural Digest in July of this year. For anyone interested, feel free contact us for more information about availability in the US.

Enjoy your day with a little break of Italian Dolce Vita,

Matteo Silvestri

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